Thousands facing disciplinary action over Toronto’s vaccine mandate

Fewer than 1,300 city employees are facing suspension and disciplinary proceedings over a city rule that mandated some low-income parents use free or low-cost vaccines for their children, according to newly released city documents. City Human Resources Minister Shannon Phillips revealed the results of a Nov. 19 internal audit during a meeting of Toronto’s health committee. In particular, she was asked about new Health Toronto statistics on the hours during which parents failed to comply with the city’s vaccine mandate.

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Two-thirds of the 24,500 parents interviewed, Phillips found, failed to use both vaccines recommended by the province, which includes flu vaccines and MMR, or measles, mumps and rubella. Of those parents who did have both vaccines, Phillips estimates that 68 percent required coverage. Even some parents who got two vaccinations were not complying. Dr. Tom Wong, Toronto’s chief medical officer of health, told the Globe and Mail that 3 percent of parents did not vaccinate their children.

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