Saeed Malekpour, former correspondent for Newsweek, found in hospital

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Babak Nabavi, an Iranian-born reporter with Newsweek, is a former correspondent in the United States. CNN reported last month on his imprisonment, amid stories about his draft dodging and later his case about to proceed before an Iranian court.

We have learned that Nabavi, 60, has been found in serious condition at Tehran University Hospital, a long time ago, some two weeks ago. The issue of death or deterioration are now being raised. A funeral has been started in the hospital. The relatives of the detained reporter, the relative of Nabavi have filed legal documents not only for the death certificate but also the necessary papers to condemn the crime that put their relative into this state. This is now being discussed by the court at the hospital.

An intrepid journalist

Nabavi was a journalist for Reuters from 1992 to 2000 and then became a correspondent for Newsweek, he later became chief editor of Iran in 2008. He resigned his position at Newsweek in January 2018.

Time Magazine, in 2008 named him one of the top 100 “living legends” in the world.

Recently Newsweek offered Nabavi “a second act,” after he was imprisoned, accusing him of libel and espionage.

Iran sentenced him to serve at least three years in prison.

Iran’s Hamshahri daily

Iran is very lenient towards journalists, except for them being open in disclosing facts, that they do not want open dialog. In their own way they want to be informed and may not have any doubt about their convictions to protect their credibility and well being in journalism.

Babak is a fighter, and is exerting all possible efforts for freeing himself from the prison

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