Jamie Dornan discusses ‘a nod to [Christian Grey’s] homeland’ on the ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ set

This week, Irish actor Jamie Dornan resurfaced on the Edinburgh, Scotland set of Fifty Shades Freed, the final installment of the racy erotic trilogy. And this time, the actor couldn’t help but look out for his alter ego’s lonely stepfather, who played such a big role in the first two films. He told the Irish Mirror that the third film, being filmed entirely in England and Scotland, is “a nod to [Christian Grey’s] homeland.”

Dornan says he’s even felt a connection to the role. “I wanted to bring the whole world to Britain,” he told the Telegraph, adding, “I genuinely feel like I’m so much more British than I am Irish, to be honest. The focus on culture and heritage and that kind of thing in Ireland is so intense, it’s intense.”

His aim in filming Fifty Shades Freed, which is slated for release in early 2020, is to establish a new identity for his character: Christian Grey. “In this third one, the character is locked in the States for five years. And now he is grown up. He’s married, and he’s tried to be a good husband and a good father,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “He’s back in England doing some fundraising work and a charity he works with… it’s for his family. So that’s another contribution he’s made.”

His recent reunion with co-star Dakota Johnson is working both on and off the set of the new film. Despite the small time romantic storyline, the actors have been the picture of fraternal affection, and enjoy being reunited on set. Earlier this week, they even got to commemorate their reunions with selfies that they shared via social media.

Read the full story at The Irish Mirror and The Telegraph.


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