Here’s how often Facebook has removed users’ posts this year

This map shows the rate at which Facebook removes a user’s posts,” according to the social media giant, based on a company internal document. Below are the most live alerts that Facebook has issued regarding a users’ posts this year.

Facebook used to “more effectively identify and remove Pages that are abusing the platform,” according to the document, and “more frequently identify nudity, hate speech and fake accounts.” There was also a time, according to the document, that employees had to “swiftly respond to outbound requests” from other companies to find out what Facebook was doing to promote “political issues,” which meant that management needed to have “aggressive reporting policies in place,” in order to protect Facebook’s “quality,” among other priorities. It was also felt that the company needed to “increase efforts to distribute content in areas where people are more likely to interact.”

Given that Facebook had started this process of repairing its reputation with a possible public relations disaster, the company wanted to “stir things up” again and better inform the public about what it was doing to “politely but decisively” resolve the problem.

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