A loving father’s offer to give his dad his first-ever drive goes wrong – terrifyingly wrong

In May 2015, Kevin Donovan drove his sports car to the Port of Halifax for a hazy reason: to give his parents the pleasure of driving it for the first time. “I thought they’d feel honoured and excited,” Donovan tells me. He was wrong. The octogenerian’s red Porsche 911 was stolen from his driveway, with his parents by his side.

A road trip in Donovan’s Porsche 911

The young man’s stolen 2011 Porsche 911, which he loaned to his parents, had been tracked to a destination in the Middle East. Having no tracking system on their phone, the couple could do little more than pray. It turned out, however, that Donovan had hidden his GPS location so well, his surveillance cameras couldn’t identify the vehicle to the degree that he should have.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve blurred the face of the man and the location of the vehicle. The American Range Rover that Kevin Donovan drove to the Canadian Port of Halifax was pursued by the US Customs and Border Protection and eventually returned to the US on June 29, 2015. This is Donovan’s car, not his Range Rover.)

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