Women are embracing the hyper-connected funding world

When Nirice Cherkaoui has something new to showcase — a design, a skill, a company — she normally pitches it to five or so potential angel investors. She then shows them her financial plans. “It’s a visual presentation,” she says, “and usually they leave frustrated.”

Two or three months later, Ms. Cherkaoui shares the same information in a larger meeting, and about a dozen more venture capitalists, angels and founders show up. Ms. Cherkaoui counts them as winners. AngelList, an app and site that connects startups with investors, says the number of women founders on its network has risen 28 percent this year, to 1,218.

“The angel community and investors in general are still very male-driven,” says Ms. Cherkaoui, the vice president of innovation at Pixity Media, a Toronto-based image recognition startup. She is one of the newest members of AngelList. “A lot of people are very interested in this just out of curiosity.”

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