Why 7/eight Partnership is opening its first hotel in New York

Triton Chicago’s new hotel under the Twitter handle @hotelchicacon

Chicago-based Seven/eight Partnership has opened its first major Manhattan hotel: Seven/eight Partnership, currently the most highly regarded hotel brand in the United States.

“We were interested in finding something in New York that would allow us to be there on opening day,” says Russell Mayer, CEO of Seven/eight Partnership. “The property was going to be a part of the first Broadway anniversary show after it opened.”

The boutique hotel opened in mid-January for a limited time through March 31 and has since booked up for early spring.

Why New York?

Opening a hotel in any major city is a daunting task. But being based in Chicago, which has a notoriously tough hotel tax code, is a singular challenge. The Seven/eight Partnership brand was already generating solid buzz when the company opened its second location in Las Vegas in 2011. Since then, the company has opened four locations in Washington D.C., Arizona and Dubai.

Partnering with Julia Teichang-Howard, and sister to five-time Tony Award-winning producer Richard Teichang, Seven/eight Partnership knows it can’t just open a hotel; it needs to produce high-level programming that resonates with guests.

The city’s theater community was an obvious fit. “Richard wanted a theater component from the beginning, and this hotel was the perfect place to do it,” Mayer says.

The traditional space used for La Cage, a Broadway show that it’s also producing, provides just that. The 4,500-square-foot hotel suite also features a fully-furnished theatre, complete with a four-seat central stage and a side stage.

Similar to the opening of the Six Senses, Seven/eight Partnership has developed a reputation as a pioneer in service excellence. Since the launch of La Cage, the company has launched Residences at Seven, complete with three- and five-bedroom rooms that rent for well over $3,000 per night, and is set to launch guests’ first Suite at Seven later this year.

The Upper West Side is also the site of A17 Hotel, which is producing Bright Star, a revival of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play currently starring Glenn Close.

While most of the company’s partnerships are in small boutique hotel spaces, the company always has other ideas in mind, including the launch of Innove, a boutique chain of guest homes on the eastern edge of LA, currently being presented at Soho House New York.

“When you’re a boutique hotel in major metropolitan cities, you need to be a pioneer for change and innovation,” Mayer says. “The goal is not to stay in one place forever, we’re always considering what to expand.”

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