The results of my job interviews with weird strangers

Interviewed by a second person, the other person is Omg, Haha and Wow. This person reads your interview and tweets you, stuff like that.

This person meets you at the bar, they try to pursue you. The conversation devolves to them asking you what your room is like, you respond by saying you would rather skip out early, they respond by asking you if you have any tickets to the game. They try to ask you questions like how’s your education going.

They try to flirt, saying things like, “Can I sit with you?” and “Can I share a cocktail?” However they are more interested in getting you back so that you have sex with them and they will have your children. This part often occurs when they’re “always looking out” for you.

After you get home from the bar and ask your sister if she wants to watch The Avengers, she says that you shouldn’t have been out at 2am and that you should have gone back to your room to watch a movie. Your sister is less concerned about you getting home safely than having a little sister, so you go back to your room where you watch the rest of the movie with your sister.

Eventually the other person gets upset about how quickly you went from looking attractive to being boring to wanting sex to not wanting sex and calls you “the b-word”.

When you exit your room, you’re met by your sister and she says “Hahaha” and “Yep, don’t do it”. You don’t want to talk to her now so you bolt.

Someone who could talk for an hour to someone like this would die. Or not!

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