Serena Williams seemed to blame the Chinese player’s face on…China

Serena Williams lashed out at the PSA China at the end of her match against Danielle Collins in the WTA finals. With a smile she noted: “Thank you for this match but I just want to say, I am not quite sure how there is a Chinese girl up here (she seemed to be pointing to Peng Shuai).”

People began to ask where Peng was, wondering how the world’s best tennis player could openly criticize the world’s most populous country on live television. This is not the first time a high-profile person in sports has asked: Where is the Chinese LPGA player?

An American Magazine, whose readers and subscribers tend to be more American than Chinese, shared that Serena’s questions had been “carefully worded,” prompting it to ask: Why Serena is willing to talk to the Chinese sports media while China has shut out much of its major professional sports?

According to Reuters, Serena “was more vocal after China’s ‘Wimbledon moment’ and expressed disappointment at not receiving an invitation to have China’s richest man meet her in the locker room.” And Wednesday, Janice Shen, China’s sports minister, told reporters that “people with great star power only come if they are invitation-only.”

Williams’ remarks at the WTA finals mirrored her question at the Sydney International in October 2018 about where China should invite herself for an exclusive meeting.

Read the full story at Reuters.


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