Scorpions Swarm Through Egypt After Heavy Rain

Weather affected forest in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, sending swarms of scorpions into the surrounding homes, according to NBC News. The scorpions, which are venomous and fatal, were released into dry vegetation after heavy rainfall and temperatures plunged in the area, residents told NBC News.

“Suddenly I saw scorpions on my bed, then on the sofa, on the coffee table,” a woman named Nazila told NBC News. “It was scary.”

“I’ve never seen so many scorpions,” her brother, Mohammed, told NBC News. “I saw a scorpion crawl up from under her head and wipe its mouth on her hair.”

No one was reported seriously injured, but relatives feared that some of the hundreds of scorpions had ended up in the form of rat poison or left as a gruesome hazard at people’s homes, NBC News reported.

“We are worried we’ll get poison from scorpions once they’re in the air and go to homes,” Nazila’s husband, Shawqas, told NBC News.

A local official with the Egyptian Civil Defense Authority reportedly put together a group of public health workers to search for the scorpions.

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