Santa Claus Parade ‘Claus’ 15-year tradition

By Brittany Cardine

It’s big! How big? The Santa Claus Parade in Santa Claus, IN makes the New York City Midtown Greenway look like a bucket of sand. The annual event attracts as many as 80,000 people each year. The people who make up this impressive crowd leave their homes for miles in between to see the best (and loudest) Santa Claus Parade around. With a soundtrack of dazzling holiday decorations from local high schools, skyscrapers and other worldly structures, the parade in Indiana is a family affair for some participants.

*SNT: If you have reservations for these concerts at Santa Claus Castle, you better move fast. See the full lineup here.

Lindsay Alley is a Santa Day Society member and this is part of a Santa Day Society story.

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