Rich Paul, chef and entrepreneur, opens up

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These days, Rich Paul is not one of those chefs the public meet and applaud, but he’s a man of many talents who is now famed for his stint on BBC’s hugely popular series “The Great British Menu.” Paul is also an expert partner and investor in advertising platforms, having founded the world’s first online agency, Red Wassup Productions, in 1999.

Since the company’s inception, Rich has rapidly expanded and claims to have helped around 500 clients — as well as more than a million consumers — reach their goals. In 2016, it finally hit the million-mark, a year ahead of the anticipated target date.

In this video, Rich shared some of his secrets to the success of his company, from business acumen to his approach to working with celebrities. He also revealed the key to the best way to woo and conquer client A-listers.

Business is also top of the bill for Paul’s love life. One of his passions is pop music and he describes his musical tastes as “the whole spectrum.”

But it seems that his music preferences go beyond commercial track selections. For Paul, it seems a good musician is essential to being successful in the restaurant industry.

On being initially recruited by Red Wassup Productions, Paul says it was his biggest role to date as they had never previously hired a woman. He admits he was nervous to begin with and it was a stumbling block for the business for some time.

However, the reality soon set in as Paul found himself drawn to the talented chef. Having turned down initial offers from other companies because he wasn’t sure he could “deliver” a specialist skill set, Paul realised that he needed to do something dramatic to attract attention and bring attention to the business.

It was only then that he realized that the secret was to have a celebrity as the company’s first client. Without Paul’s involvement, Red Wassup would not have had the opportunity to thrive.

In truth, it was his own brand, which the company had carried throughout the years, that Paul saw as a necessity to be taken seriously as a business. Thereafter, Paul recruited other A-list celebrity clientele, breaking down the stigma of being a kitchen nobody.

Now, the business operates in 100 countries across the globe, employs around 40 professionals and has a staff turnover of over £8 million ($10 million) every year. That translates to $13 million in revenue per annum — by no means chump change.

It’s safe to say that Rich Paul’s foray into the restaurant industry has turned into a strong business. And why wouldn’t it?

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