Police ID ‘Tough Guy’ Biker Killed by Officers in Toronto

Police have identified the man shot and killed by officers in Toronto’s northwest Sunday morning.

Brandon John St. Louis, 40, of Vaughan, Ont., was shot and killed in his home shortly after midnight Sunday. Officers responded to a 911 call about shots fired in the area, and found St. Louis, who had no weapon, bleeding inside, CTV reported.

Toronto police responded to several additional 911 calls Sunday morning regarding reports of people “harassing” officers in the area of Yates Boulevard and Lower Knickerbocker Road, a block north of the incident.

Toronto police officer Juanita DiPietro told CTV that multiple shots were fired at officers prior to their arrival.

“When officers arrived at the scene, they saw a man, seated in a car, who was apparently being harassed by several people in the area,” DiPietro said. “The male exited the car in order to confront those individuals and [he] was shot and killed by officers.”

A man who claims to be St. Louis’ brother defended the biker, calling him a “tough guy.”

“He fought his own demons,” Phil St. Louis told CBC News. “He’s not a bad person, his name’s Brandon. He’s an honest hard-working family man. That’s all he wanted to do in life was raise his kids. He was a father to his own kids, he didn’t want to go out and cause trouble.”

Police are still searching for the shooter.

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