Original Australian Constitution for sale – CNN

Written by by Jordan O’Neill, CNN

When Australia’s prestigious Melbourne Law School went digital in 2015, professors worried the school’s walls and roof could be vandalized, as graffiti or disgruntled students could shout out their agenda.

Then, a fan page launched on the now-defunct chat site Tumblr , calling for a takeover of the website and discussions about selling the school’s gift certificate program to avoid debt.

This week, the original post got some life and led to a much bigger awakening: an original version of the Constitution being auctioned off with 25 other items from the school. This includes signed copies of the election regulations and its oldest paper leaflet, issued during the 1800s.

Holly Roberts said the online auction was created to solicit suggestions and solutions for maintaining and enhancing the special place of the school in the public’s mind, when a $460 million donation was announced in December 2017. The new money will allow the school to expand its facilities.

“We really are very fortunate that the donation was made into the law school foundation,” Roberts told CNN. “That will allow us to grow our size and make all sorts of investments … Instead of it just sitting on our balance sheet, it will now be far more able to make positive changes and we are grateful for that.”

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