Nuggets coach Michael Malone ejected from game against Sixers

Denver coach Michael Malone was ejected in the third quarter of the Nuggets’ blowout loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday.

The Sixers won 112-92, adding more fuel to the high-profile bickering between Malone and Denver vice-president of basketball operations, Denver general manager Tim Connelly.

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The two have been at odds for months over the direction of the franchise, including Malone’s lack of input in the roster rebuilding that started this year.

But Monday, Malone entered his pregame interview with a customer service representative when Connelly came over and tried to stop him. Malone was immediately told he had until the end of the interview to leave.

After a delay of five minutes, Malone left the interview.

Following the game, Malone was asked whether Connelly got in his face and threatened him.

“No, Tim Connelly was backstage. He’s never been to an interview like that in his life. So, how ridiculous is that question? To get after me? Come on. Tim Connelly is backstage, just checking out the interview,” Malone said.

A short time later, the Nuggets issued a statement on the incident: “We regret the error that was made and apologize to Mr Connelly.”

The Nuggets set an NBA record last season by going 50-32, winning the franchise’s first Northwest Division title since 2004.

But they’ve lost 21 of their past 27 and were beaten by a whopping 40 points in Miami this month.

Denver lost 124-87 to Indiana on Sunday, too.

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