Musician Marina Marinho, founding member of S’are Catarina, dies in plane crash

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Marília Mendonça, the award-winning Brazilian singer and songwriter, died Wednesday night in a plane crash near the beach town of Santa Catarina.

The 65-year-old musician, known by her first name, Marina, performed as a vocalist and songwriter with her group S’are Catarina for over 30 years. She released more than 30 albums during her career.

“We are shocked with the tragic news of the death of Marina Mendonça,” Amazon Music Brasil tweeted. “The S’are Catarina songbird, she leaves behind an incomparable and memorable music world.”

“Marina Mendonça (Marina Marinho) is the girl that sang so well! With his unwavering and grander passion for her singing, he made a wonderful musical “Song City,” Google posted on Twitter.

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Mariano Pavlovich Pollaiuolo da Silva, the band’s lead guitarist, also died in the crash, local newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo reported. Per Agencia Brasil, Pollaiuolo played on the group’s major records, including 1989’s “I Know the Sleep I Get Behind” and 1992’s “Marina Marinho,” which was covered by Madonna, Beyonce and Mariah Carey.

The plane was headed from the city of Sao Paulo to Minas Gerais’ Santa Catarina International Airport when it went down after takeoff, with 42 passengers and two crew members on board. Fifteen survived, including Brazilian singer Andreia Nastari da Costa, who was the band’s vocalist.

Courtesy: Helena Magalhaes

Marina Mendonça was born in the northeastern city of Salvador in 1959, when Brazil was still under military rule. After studying music and playing a number of instruments, she started S’are Catarina, which she launched in 1982. Her biggest hits include “Cora,ça!” (“Carrot-pea”) and “O udeio do são (the Octopus of the world),” which were nominated for six Latin Grammys in 2015.

Paraguay is mourning the death of the band on Twitter.

Representatives for S’are Catarina have declined to comment on the cause of the crash. The Brazilian embassy in Spain tweeted that it was releasing the names of survivors who were able to call their loved ones at a press conference on Thursday.

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