Mile-high nightmare: Train leaves Hope in remote British Columbia

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A train carrying more than 200 passengers to the Vancouver area on the weekend was forced to leave its destination of Hope, B.C., due to “unexpected circumstances”.

The Canadian Pacific (CP) railway said all passengers were safely evacuated and that operations had restarted in the area.

British Columbia’s education minister, Rob Fleming, tweeted that children had been discharged from school.

He said on his blog that two stations in the area had been left without power.

However, another ministry spokeswoman told BBC B.C. that it was not clear how severe the damage was.

Some 90% of Hope’s electricity is supplied by CP, she said.

Passengers saw a series of crowded announcements explaining their next step, but passengers interviewed by the media said they were pleased with the way they were treated by employees.

The station is located in the north end of Hope on Government Street, and was still closed on Thursday morning.

The train left Hope about 15:45 GMT, travelling to Richmond and then Vancouver’s busy Union Station.

However, passenger Tom Delaney said passengers had asked for another train.

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He told The Canadian Press that he and his wife had been travelling to Vancouver with their two children since Wednesday to visit his daughter and granddaughter.

He said CP employees had spent the night at the station.

He was grateful for the way they treated his family, he said.

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