Lil Nas X shares his first “Maury” moments

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In 2012, amid a nationwide debate about gendered language and how it is presented in rap music, Lil Nas X appeared on the “Maury” show to explain his use of the “B.”

“I’m a girl who’s trying to be a boy and that’s another word that they use in hip-hop,” he explained. “If I’m a girl, I’m just a sweet girl. But, like I said, I’m trying to be a guy. I’m just trying to be anybody, man.”

The birth of a new hip-hop genre

It was one of many appearances the 22-year-old rapper has made on the syndicated daytime TV show, which airs weekdays on syndication stations and national cable TV networks. Throughout the show’s 34-year history, thousands of others have opened up on “Maury” about sex, relationships, gender identity and more.

“Maury” co-host, Maury Povich, often asks guests the same question.

“What’s your most embarrassing moment?” he will tease them. Then, he follows up with a yes or no response.

Watch more photos of Lil Nas X by CNN in the gallery above.

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