Judge bars MSNBC from Philadelphia courtroom after inaccurate claims

Defense attorney Robert Hume accuses Dr Drew of using bus as a platform to ‘get publicity’

A Philadelphia judge has barred NBC from the courtroom of a criminal trial after the network’s entertainment arm aired a report that included claims that a member of the jury in the case was trailed by a member of the media after the jury drove to and from the courthouse.

The district judge has issued an injunction against MSNBC saying a number of allegations in the network’s report were “wrong, misleading, speculative or just plain wrong”.

“Judge Brendan Hickey, with the consent of counsel, has today issued an injunction stating that No. 13 will not allow this television network into the courtroom and according to the decree No. 13 prohibits No. 13 from using broadcast cameras in the courtroom,” the court said in a statement.

Hutchinson also barred the use of the bus in question as it violates the jury’s confidentiality.

In the documentary, entitled, Netflix and Chasing the Jury, Dr Drew Pinsky claimed to have ridden the bus that was used to transport jury members to and from the courthouse while they deliberated before the end of the trial in which 12 jurors and three alternates convicted 19-year-old Rittenhouse Park shooting suspect Ronnie Hall of multiple felonies.

The prosecution said the bus tour provided the jury with an element of “social media” for the final hours in the trial.

HuffPost recently obtained a previously unseen video taken on the bus that included footage of Pinsky and Hall when they traveled to and from the Philadelphia court house.

The day after the documentary aired, the defense attorney, Robert Hume, said he had strong suspicions that “there was someone” on the bus that shouldn’t have been, and suspected that it was someone who was not one of the 12 jurors in the case.

“It’s totally and completely false,” Hume said of the claims made in the documentary. “This probably wasn’t a case where there was actually a person on the bus so he couldn’t really see him. It’s just having him stare at him with the utmost sincerity.”

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