Is this a sign that 2018 is more to the right than 2016?

Sean O’Brien, a former Teamster Ethical Standard Board member, won a 12-year battle to become the union’s political director and manager of its Ohio field department, according to CNN. He had begun filling the position in December 2017.

O’Brien said Friday that “the pickets and the job that was going to me was terminated just minutes after I brought the IBT to the table.”

Now, he is accusing his previous political director, Ken Lopes, with ordering the elimination of positions at the Teamsters Local 135.

“I question the veracity of everything he said,” he said.

Lopes told CNN on Friday, in an emailed statement, that “there are no employees who were being removed.”

O’Brien asserted that as a Teamster safety officer and director of internal investigations in Ohio, he would have had final word over layoffs of more than 20 union members. But, he said, the current Teamsters local president, Larry Masur, who is the father of one of his colleagues, ordered his ouster.

“I didn’t interfere with anything,” he told CNN. “I was just doing my job.”

The Teamsters Local 135 said in a statement, “Teamsters Local 135 has always been committed to the protection of the rights of our members. This case is a legacy matter from decades ago. We look forward to resolving this issue.”

The ballot count at the Teamsters headquarters in Cleveland went against Masur by three votes — 8,350 to 8,227, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said.

The teamsters are unionized at General Motors, Frito-Lay, Ford and several other companies.

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