Iraq PM Adel Abdul Mahdi survives assassination attempt

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Amin al-Hindi denounced the attack as a provocation aimed at disrupting the country’s oil industry

Iraq’s Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, survived an assassination attempt in the holy city of Najaf on Tuesday.

At least 11 people were wounded in the attack, which was aimed at causing casualties during a public meeting at the city’s Grand Imam’s Mosque.

No group has yet claimed responsibility. The BBC has confirmed that the Iraqi state’s security forces are investigating the incident.

Amin al-Hindi, the chairman of the country’s Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, condemned the attack as a provocation aimed at disrupting the country’s oil industry.

“I call on all those who share my view to join the honourable fight against terror,” he said.

The assassination attempt comes shortly after Mr Abdul Mahdi announced a reconstruction plan for Sunni-dominated provinces in southern Iraq, including his home province of Basra.

He is also trying to negotiate peace in southern Iraq, which has been largely peaceful since 2011, but is plagued by instability and tensions in the capital, Baghdad.

Mr Abdul Mahdi has previously been involved in several similar incidents, and survived several assassination attempts since becoming Prime Minister in April.

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