‘Horrible’: Scream Star David Arquette: Scream Sequel Was ‘Terrible’

The actress, who starred in the hit horror franchise in 1996, said a career in horror didn’t come easy to her.

There’s a new edition of the classic horror franchise to hit theaters next month, but it won’t be the ones you’re familiar with.

“I was terrified, because I’m known for comedy now, so I was nervous and it was awful,” said David Arquette, who has gained fame as David and a cult hit that became “Scream” for starring in the movie.

“It was really terrible, but my son [Charlie] is turning nine. He’s been excited about seeing the film since it first came out and I got a baby out of it.”

In the new movie, Adam Devine takes over as the next take on Drew Barrymore’s role as Drew, and other actors Daniel Franzese and Evan Musanaj are also involved.

“I played a mental institution inmate, but what I did is [scare them] with my facial hair and how I moved,” he said.

Arquette, who plays Wes next to Kaitlin Doubleday’s Audrey, also revealed that he and his wife, Patricia Arquette, will be spending lots of time with the cast during the filming of the new movie.

“I’ll be the warden, I’ll be the security guard,” he said, “and you know the cops, played by certain actors that I know, I’ll be working with them…I always have to worry about stealing them, because if the cops are working on this movie they have to be on all of our assignments, they can’t be there for just coming out to do your jobs, so we’ll have to find some way around that.”

Based on the writings of Wes Craven, the new “Scream” movie is set to hit theaters on Feb. 15.

Nicole Abernathy contributed to this story.

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