Haiti’s Senate president calls for Prime Minister Bellerive’s resignation

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As the Haitian government struggles to implement President Jovenel Moïse’s proposed “Grand Coalition” electoral reforms and set up the logistics for a runoff vote between opposing candidates this year, the country’s Senate President is making it clear that Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive should resign.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Farid Benmassoud, who led his 30-member Senate bloc in voting against the nominees of the governments’ Commission of Experts on Political Elections, has said that Bellerive should step down and then a new prime minister should be put in place.

“He isn’t working,” Benmassoud told the Post. “He should be put on leave immediately because at the moment there are not functioning ministers.”

Benmassoud also said that Bellerive has shown “zero” engagement on the political crisis facing the country.

The Post also obtained a copy of an email, sent from Benmassoud’s inbox to his right-hand man, Christian Etienne Etienne, that declares, “It’s the last season of incompetence that Eddy Francois has created.” The message, dated April 13, was written about Bellerive after a meeting with Bellerive that was “about nothing,” according to Benmassoud.

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