Covid Consulting: December 1, 1997 – September 18, 2018

Covid has been the leader in the field of public/private partnerships for many years. Through the 1990’s and into the 21st century, the firm led U.S. Government initiatives that addressed challenges in sustainability, economic development, and transportation and infrastructure. These include the Light Rail system in New York City, as well as the New Port Authority in New York, Los Angeles, and Houston, the Compact of Free Trade in China, Phase II E-way project in Cleveland, the Expo Line in Los Angeles, and several multi-billion dollar projects in Alaska.

Throughout the years, we have been pleased to provide knowledge and expertise to our clients on a broad range of issues related to Public/Private Partnerships.

Underpinning the success of Covid’s growth and expansion has been its unwavering dedication to our clients and our client’s continued success. Throughout our 16-year history, I have always been very proud to serve our clients and part of that has been the work that we provide to the Transportation Department. From our inception and development of projects to the recent General Development Program, there has never been a day that I didn’t make sure the work was done right, that it was completed on time, or that we provided the best service possible to the Transportation Department.

We are currently working with TSA on the new global nerve center building at Terminal B at LGA. We have also provided inter-facility connectivity capability, site selectivity services, staff and management analysis, and all procurement process support as well as due diligence support.

In light of our highly integrated practices, as my new position as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure includes a view into all of our agencies, we are continuing to address both internal capacity and a procurement process that is more efficient and equitable to our agency constituents. One of our largest projects for the Transportation Department, the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF), which supports the modernization of the air traffic control system, remains one of our most successful and recognized projects of our entire career. By leveraging our deep industry expertise and corporate systems knowledge, we have been able to successfully help our clients in their goal of introducing major improvements to their air traffic systems, while saving costs through new technology.

The results of our recent involvement with the Transportation Department during the WHCA conference have proven to be a defining period in our development of our federal offerings and the tools we can bring to bear to solve complicated problems across our nation.

We remain thankful for the support that we have received and the industry partnerships that have provided assistance and input in our efforts.

Thank you for all that you have done for Covid in this exciting transition period. As you all know, there’s a new General in town and we look forward to working together with our colleagues across the agency.

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