CNN en Español announces new spokespeople, show topics, formats and programs

The CNN en Español organization is experiencing a natural evolution as its distribution capabilities expand. With live studio coverage in Miami, Miami-area reporters have contributed stories with local connections to developing stories worldwide. New network correspondents in Washington, D.C., and the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo joined the group in February. CNN en Español has moved its reporting team from New York to Miami, a natural choice for creating and covering the U.S. presidential election in 2020.

Here’s what viewers can expect in 2019:

In live studio coverage, a group of Miami-based reporters and anchors report real-time breaking news, news analysis and features, including the latest on elections, culture, fashion, food, design, fitness, and nightlife. These reporters include Maximiliano Arias on Miami’s South Beach, Valentina Gontareva on Fort Lauderdale, Anas Ayub on New York City’s Big Apple, Brigitte Lacombe in Rio de Janeiro, and Jake Breslin in Washington.

The CNN en Español feed in U.S. Spanish-language television and radio markets also includes local stories and reports on Miami-Dade County, and moments that illustrate the important role of the U.S. Hispanic population in news and politics. These reports are produced by your own local reporter and appear as part of your local newscast. Since the December 2018 release of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Hispanic report, CNN en Español has sought to highlight these findings of the growing strength of the Latino population, including the growing influence of millennials and the strong support for progressive Democratic candidates for national office.

El País reports nationally on high-profile political, cultural and entertainment events of interest to young American Latino adults. Many of the awards and cultural activities of the Hispanic community are covered through these reports, making CNN en Español the destination for both Spanish- and English-language television news viewers.

On the radio side, the line-up of CNN en Español programs continues to evolve with the help of Maria Pedraza and Alirio Vazquez. The four shows of the morning, noon, and evening are repeated on CNN en Español in full after their initial airing in English on CNN, CNN en Español’s sibling network in the U.S. that airs the programs in Spanish in the afternoon.

El Infierno is the anchor for daily political news reports. An analyst, Pedraza analyzes current affairs in light of the gravity of policy and events that affect the United States and surrounding countries.

Guerra Producción is an entertainment show that features an array of celebrity interviews, recap news and analysis of popular shows, interviews with music celebrities, along with lifestyle and fashion stories.

El Divino is dedicated to news about the music industry and Latin America, including videos of Latin musicians and the latest in music news. This radio program is also repeated in its full English-language version on CNN, in full Spanish on CNN en Español, and is aired nationally on CNN Espanol in the afternoon.

Maximo is a sports and lifestyle show that analyzes news and cultural trends in the United States and Latin America, and its English-language version on CNN/ES further airs the program in its full Spanish version throughout the day.

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