Break the Floor, the breakdance group, responds to negative public response

“We have suffered,” wrote Break the Floor dancers Travis Wall and Joe Duran in a message published to the company’s website last night. “We have been deceived. It was taken advantage of.”

And that’s how the cast of Break the Floor responded to news that Wall has been stripped of his role as the group’s artistic director.

More than 50 dancers of Break the Floor, as the group is known, have voiced a range of complaints about the production they worked on and are calling for its cancellation. The issue boils down to Break the Floor maintaining that it was a “clean”, ethical production despite some scenes involving underage dancers. The dancers allege that Break the Floor did not fully disclose that some of the dancers – aged 15 or under – were provided by the dancers’ own parents.

Those photos were never revealed to the dancers themselves.

The dancers have more string to their bow than the UK’s mass of unsuspecting fans. In addition to also putting on elaborate dance routines, Break the Floor involves work with visual effects – usually for Sony Pictures Film Productions. These involved filming and editing group photos and working with X-Men Films and Propellerheads.

Duran and others have urged the company to go back to its 2013 visual effects plan. While Break the Floor argued that the visual effects were necessary to give the show its edge.

In their announcement, break the Floor said that the dancers will work on a creative project with company members, but they do not believe that it will be the same “show that was intended and our vision.”

Wall’s involvement with Break the Floor, for now, appears to be through a mentor role.

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