Betting on baseball? There’s an app for that

Written by Seung Min Kim, CNN

For players and owners alike, a new world of betting on Major League Baseball (MLB) games is set to begin in the 2021 season.

Will you be able to bet on your local ballpark or favorites from across the league? (After all, what other team are you rooting for?)

Here are a few hints at what’s in store:

My interest in baseball is super huge. I almost lost my mind in last night’s All-Star game. I couldn’t be more excited to know I can be rewarded! Don’t worry, there are limitations as to the number of betting sites we support. That said, the online betting pools will not be capped, so the money set aside will never run out, even if we have a ton of people trying to pick a winner!

We are not Facebook! You won’t be seeing friends’ posts on Facebook announcing their picks. We will ensure privacy for fans and players alike, and making a bet will be as easy as clicking on a button.

And let’s be clear: it’s not just against the rules to bet on the game — there are rules and even penalties for breaking those rules. However, that won’t stop fans from doing it anyway. If you want to bet against the “spoiler” guy, you’ll have to rely on the rulebook… Unless of course you’re professional.

Everyone loves the underdog, right? And I think that’s the theme of every sports bet. If you make a good bet, then you’ll be the cool guy to your friends or whatever!

If MLB games are for every fan and every fan wants to bet on the game, then there needs to be a seamless experience. There are teams already working on delivering this, like the big dogs are (NYT, Bovada, SmartDK). I think we’re working on ours too — but just for you guys.

Most importantly, be ready to win. If you think that’s already a fun challenge, just wait until a group of fans has to come together and announce a pick of “a loser.” The fun will be in the banter that takes place between people who happen to be friends.

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