Ahead of the storm: 8 planets in the galaxy tell us more about the news in 2018

An astrologer reveals how her signs and horoscopes could influence the news over the coming year, from politics to sports to fashion.

Chief Justice V.S. Naik and Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh are forecast to be at odds with India’s constitutional watchdog after the Supreme Court said the use of the death penalty was a violation of the constitution, reports Hindustan Times.

Pakistan’s new constitution carries the guarantee of freedom of expression. However, that freedom can’t be used against others, says Dr Alam.

Indonesia’s TV station is being targeted by US citizens who want the news channel pulled off the air for broadcasting incitement to violence in the wake of the January 12 earthquake that left thousands dead, says Gulstan Derakhshani.

Djibouti’s success story in becoming a diplomatic hub may come unstuck due to political infighting among its leaders, reports Adela Lakmaa.

Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who’s been the president of Abu Dhabi since 2014, is expected to hand over power in 2021 to a younger, bloodier, more jaded ruler.

Dr Ali al-Taee notes Saudi Arabia may try to strike a deal with Iran to end tension between the two nations, which shares a long border.

Rami Khouri anticipates Lebanon to become more partisan in its stance against Israel, after four years without a functioning government.

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