Actress Brigid Sweetman shares new trailer for new movie about her husband, ‘Hunter Biden’

After years of rising to the top of the Democratic Party establishment, Joe Biden has found himself stuck on the sidelines at a moment when most observers consider him the next frontrunner for president.

Faced with an unending barrage of negative headlines about his family’s struggles with mental illness and drugs, however, the former vice president may be the last candidate he can ignore.

“My Son Hunter” follows the tale of a free-spirited young man who runs off from his stable family to become an actor, partying and seemingly partying his way to the top of Hollywood’s actor race.

After his career ends, however, Hunter returns to find his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware in turmoil: His father, a once-powerful Delaware senator, is being called upon to bail out the troubled city.

At the same time, his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. According to the new trailer, the film closes with Hunter facing his anger, and drug addiction.

“Who are you to say you don’t deserve to be treated better?” he is heard saying in the trailer.

Once the youngest Biden brother, Hunter Biden has become one of the hottest names in Hollywood. In 2013, he got married to fellow actress Dr. Brigid Sweetman. On Wednesday, Ms. Sweetman posted a photo of Hunter embracing his wife, “My Diary,” and posed alongside a cover of Rolling Stone featuring him.

“Just thankful you and your love can do anything together,” she wrote.


In addition to the trailer released Wednesday, fans also witnessed “Hunter” debut on YouTube last week — complete with cameo appearances by Bill Murray, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, and a new Jaden Smith tune.

Directed by actor Ben Younger, the film opens in limited release and online on Dec. 27.

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