Activists urge police to release Philly subway video and charges in incident on train

The activists Students For Justice in Palestine are calling for the Philadelphia district attorney to release video of the incident on the Philadelphia subway because they fear that charges could be brought against the students, in addition to the arrest warrant.’s Emily Zanotti wrote on Wednesday:

D.A. Larry Krasner’s office issued a motion for release of surveillance video from the Friday attack, but a spokesman for SJP said it would only release the video once charges are filed.

D.A. Krasner’s office said the students could face assault charges of “knowingly causing bodily injury.” Zanotti explained that such charges are punishable by up to four years in prison, but she also said the students could face charges of resisting arrest, criminal mischief and rioting. …

To be outfitted with multiple assault charges in one event would not be the first time that a student-athlete — intentionally or accidentally — has faced those charges in Philadelphia. In 2017, five University of Pittsburgh football players were indicted on charges of assault and terroristic threats after two fights broke out on the Pitt campus. Eventually all five of them were acquitted. In one of the fights, two offensive lineman — D’Onta Foreman and Bill Golden — tore off a man’s helmet before beating him. They were later arrested and charged with assault. …

Last year, University of Connecticut football player Van Quandt Norwood was charged with robbery, assault and falsely pretending to be a police officer. Norwood pushed a cab driver off the road in June. The man was so badly injured that police said he could not talk or walk.

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