Get The Best Apex & Raleigh Independent Public Insurance Adjusters To Maximize Your Fire Damage Claims

Get The Best Apex & Raleigh Independent Public Insurance Adjusters To Maximize Your Fire Damage Claims

Get The Best Apex & Raleigh Independent Public Insurance Adjusters To Maximize Your Fire Damage Claims

Apex, NC public insurance adjusters, For The Public Adjusters, Inc. launched a full range of services for homeowners whose properties have suffered fire damage. The company helps clients benefit from an independent property assessment and insurance claim evaluation.

May 10, 2018 ( – For The Public Adjusters, Inc., a professional independent insurance adjuster based in Apex, North Carolina, launched an updated range of services for North Carolina for homeowners interested in a fair and independent evaluation of their property damage. The company provides a thorough assessment of any fire, water, wind or hail damage claims, helping homeowners maximize their insurance settlement.

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Property insurance claims assessed by the insurance company’s adjusters are typically at the detriment of the homeowner, with experts trying to minimize insurance compensation. Working with an independent public adjuster is essential for homeowners looking to obtain a fair analysis of their property damage and maximize their insurance claims.

With extensive experience serving a wide range of clients throughout North Carolina, For The Public Adjusters, Inc. continues to update its services to provide fair independent insurance assessments for homeowners in Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas.

The company works with experienced independent adjusters to provide independent valuations for homeowners who have had their properties damaged by fire, water, wind or hail.

Clients benefit from an extensive inspection of the property to discover both visible and hidden damages, including damaged roof shingles, affected roof structure and various others.

For The Public Adjusters, Inc. has helped numerous homeowners increase their insurance benefits with the help of a state-licensed public insurance adjusters. Recent successes include $20,000 in covered wind-related damages in a case where the insurance company claimed there were no damages at all, as well as a total claim increase from $9,487.51 to $47,190.45 for a homeowner who suffered extensive roof, drywall, insulation and flooring damage.

A satisfied client said: “When my home was damaged by fire, they were very detailed with their work. It is going to take time, lots of time, but in the end it was all worth it. They increased my claim from the $64,000 offered by the insurance company to $219,000, which was my policy limit. Even after the case was closed, they offered any assistance I needed since I didn’t really know what I was doing with the rebuild of my home. All outside agencies, the contractor, contents restoration company, even the insurance company all said they were a pleasure to work with and wished everyone had attention to detail like them. These guys definitely know what they are doing!”

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We are Public Insurance Adjusters. Why is that important to you? As public adjusters we are advocates for the policyholder in valuating and negotiating a policyholder’s insurance claim. Public adjusters are licensed by state departments of insurance and are the only type of adjuster that is licensed by the state to legally represent the rights of an policyholder during the insurance claim process.

A definition as outlined on Wikipedia of the types of insurance adjusters is as follows, “There are three classes of insurance claims adjusters: staff adjusters (employed by an insurance company or self-insured entity), independent adjusters (independent contractors hired by the insurance company) and public adjusters (employed by the policyholder). “Company” or “independent” adjusters can only legally represent the rights of an insurance company.”

Why would anyone want an adjuster that is employed by their insurance company be the only voice in how much it would cost to repair the damages to their property? That would be like being on trial for murder and having no lawyer to defend you. As you can see, there is a clear distinction between a “company” adjuster, who works on behalf of an insurance company, and a “public” adjuster who works on behalf of a policyholder… YOU..


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