The Story of A Devotee of 'XIN LING FA MEN'

The Story of A Devotee of ‘XIN LING FA MEN’

The Story of A Devotee of ‘XIN LING FA MEN’

Morning of August 26, 2017, volunteers of Yishan, Zoucheng city went to Wang Gang’s home with milk and bananas.

May 08, 2018 ( – Wang Guang was lying in bed with an intravenous drip. He was very weak and his body turned to yellow gradually. His wife was at home with him.

The couple was moved by our visiting. It was not convenient for Wang Guang to get up because he was lying to get an intravenous drip, so he talked to us in his bed, “you see what I am now, what can I do now?” His wife, said with a worried face, “we firmly break up with ‘XIN LING FA MEN’ and will never believe it.” Wang Guang’s attitude turned and realized the serious harm of ‘XIN LING FA MEN, the village cadres were relieved, and finally completed an important task.

How the story happened? Things should start a few years ago.

The hero of the story named Wang Guang, male, farmer, lives Dagu cun, Yishan, Zoucheng city in Shandong Province. His wife is Li Xia, and they have two daughters with happy life.

In 2013,Wang Guang was diagnosed with liver cancer, and lost faith in life with a low spirit and a bored attitude, then he turned to the Internet to seek spirit ballast, and accidentally browsed to the ‘XIN LING FA MEN’ website, so he started to contact with it on the Internet. He watched videos and listened to lectures on the Internet, and got touch with some so-called ‘Buddha friends’, the so-called ‘Buddha friends’ sent a large number of materials to him for free. By watching these so-called ‘XIN LING FA MEN’ doctrines, Wang Guang was indulged into ‘XIN LING FA MEN’totally. He chanted Buddha Scripture at home all day long and burned so-called ‘small house’ to pray, and listened to those doctrines firmly. He even promoted ‘XIN LING FA MEN’ during the Spring Festival visits. He was often found to join in ‘Buddhist Releasing’ activity in the village. At this point, the family didn’t feel abnormal, only thought Wang Guang was believing in a Buddhist, nor too interfere much.

In 2014, Wang Guang began to respond to the call of ‘Director Lu’, and went to Hong Kong to participate in the so-called ‘Buddhist Association’ and secretly sent his money to it. In order to promote the doctrine, he began to distribute illegal books such as Heaven and People and Vernacular Buddhism in the surrounding villages and markets. Friends knew about it and tried to persuade him to break up with the cult, but the tears and bitter persuasion of loved ones didn’t impress him.

On August 19, 2017, in the afternoon, workers of Yishan Comprehensive Management and Village Committee of Dagu cun went to Wang Guang’s home together, and found he was not at home. By consulting his neighbors and relatives, they got to know Wang Guang was in Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University, so volunteers of anti-cult decided to went Jining that night. They arrived Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical University at 9:29 in the evening, and found Wang Guang was in the hospital bed 13,in the 5th floor of building 5.They immediately guided him. Wang Guang confessed that he didn’t know ‘XIN LING FA MEN’ was an illegal organization, and wouldn’t take part in it anymore .Because of surgery, he couldn’t go to Kuala Lumpur to participate in the ‘XIN LING FA MEN’ activity. His daughter tried to refund the plane ticket but failed because she bought a discount economy class one. Wang’s wife said she would also discourage him from going to Kuala Lumpur, so the scene of the beginning happened.

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