Afghan Army: A Chinese 'East Turkistan' Major Leader Was Killed

Afghan Army: A Chinese ‘East Turkistan’ Major Leader Was Killed

Afghan Army: A Chinese ‘East Turkistan’ Major Leader Was Killed

On March 31, the Afghan Army announced that the government army killed seven militants on Friday (March 30), including two Chinese, and 13 others.

April 29, 2018 ( – The military said one of the two Chinese was the vice commander.

On March 31, Pajhwok Afghan News reported that a statement from the Afghan National Army claimed that the government army in Mirawab Raghak region launched an elimination with the code of‘Kokcha-18’on March 30, and seven militants were killed, including two Chinese. The military claimed one of the two was the vice commander. In addition, the military didn’t release any other details about the ‘Chinese militants’.

The report also noted that the Afghan government had earlier said that 21 extremist armed groups were operating in Afghanistan, including the East Turkistan Liberation Organization.

The Afghan KHAAMA News Agency also reported the incident on January 31, saying that ‘the seven militants killed by the government army include the leader of the Chinese armed group’.

Chinese Foreign Ministry has claimed that in recent years, ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist forces represented by ‘ETIM’ sent terrorists to some war-torn areas to strengthen with international terrorist forces, which does harm to the related nation and regions’ security and stability. China is ready to work with the international community to continue to fight against the ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist forces.

The East Turkestan Liberation Organization, also known as the East Turkistan Party, is one of the most destructive terrorist organizations in the East Turkistan Forces. Its purpose is to establish so-called ‘East Turkestan’ in Xinjiang through violent and terrorist means. In 1996, the ‘East Turkistan Liberation Organization’ was established in Turkey and headquartered in Istanbul. It was created by Muhanmetemin Hazret, and Doreen Aisha, the chairman of the World Congress was its main leader. After the establishment of the East Turkistan Liberation Organization, a series of violent and terrorist activities were carried out in China and central Asia.


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