The Newly Launched Novel 'RISE' By M. Ainihi Opens To A Tremendous Response

The Newly Launched Novel ‘RISE’ By M. Ainihi Opens To A Tremendous Response

The Newly Launched Novel ‘RISE’ By M. Ainihi Opens To A Tremendous Response

Launched late last year, “Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel “is a new novel by independent author M. Ainihi that will take you to on a thrilling ride to a new world filled with rage and magic where humankind fights for its ultimate survival.

April 19, 2018 ( – “Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel” is a new dark fantasy by the emerging independent writer M. Ainihi that follows the story of an alternative world torn apart by wars between magical races. The book, which was launched on Ingram Spark, and Amazon is quickly accumulating favorable reviews from its readers, who have fallen in love with Ainihi’s unique storytelling approach. Experienced editor Allister Thompson has edited the book.

The story follows the life of a central character Amanda Garett who discovers that she lives in a world where magical beings exist but are kept separated by race into realms, in order to stop them from waging war against each other.  Caught up in this terrifying world of myth and sorcery, Amanda feels helpless as her newfound knowledge puts everyone around her in great danger. Kidnapped by an arcane sorcerer intent on rekindling old hatreds with the help of a powerful relic, Amanda is in the fight of her life to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

This captivating novel introduces you to the realm of the humans, the realm of the arcane and the emerald mountains of the Jinn. According to the readers, the story is a perfect mix of betrayal, loss, fear, survival, courage, heroism, discovery, power, magic, acceptance, identity and moral dilemma.

Nick on Amazon writes, “This is the first book in a new series aimed at young adults. It’s an interesting take on the Jinn and how a young girl comes to terms with her past. A fast-paced novel that will hold your interest from the beginning. It’s a great introduction to a wonderful new author!”

The book has also successfully garnished favorable reviews on Goodreads too. One of the readers, Kerstin Vollbrecht, writes, “Very well written and the character of Amanda is believable, as we also set on a journey to find the magic and to protect the relic. I could see this also become darker as some chapters my imagination took a darker feel for the story. Great story for young adults. A nice dark fantasy. Excited see this go further!”

“Rise: A Blood Inheritance Novel” is currently available in paperback, ebook and hardcover format on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, as well as many other retailers. Escape to Amanda’s world with “Rise” for some thrilling fun this summer. Twitter:

M. Ainihi is a passionate, independent author and adventurer. Hailing from the wilds of Upstate New York and currently residing in the Chicagoland area, Rise is her first novel in a planned quartet that will also see her upcoming novel “Lost” release late in the year.


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