The Midwest Crime Scene Cleanup Experts To Call After A Death, Trauma Or Tragic Accident

The Midwest Crime Scene Cleanup Experts To Call After A Death, Trauma Or Tragic Accident

The Midwest Crime Scene Cleanup Experts To Call After A Death, Trauma Or Tragic Accident

The popular Minneapolis crime scene cleanup company 11th Hour, available by phone, upgraded its fleet and employee attires to deliver clients a more discreet, subtle and private service.

April 08, 2018 ( – The popular Minnetonka crime scene and biohazard cleaning company 11th Hour has upgraded its fleet of vehicles and employee attires to provide clients the most efficient and discreet service possible.

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11th Hour is the privately owned crime scene cleanup company most families and businesses in Minnesota and the Midwest turn to when they need to restore their properties to a clean, safe condition in the aftermath of a crime, injury and other tragic, unexpected events.

To ensure its clients are getting the most efficient, private and discreet clean up service possible, the company has now upgraded its fleet of vehicles and the attires employees wear upon arrival.

Their fleet now includes a 2017 Dodge Promaster trailer which allows them to permanently have in stock all the air scrubbers and purifiers, hot water extractors, steamers, foggers and chemicals they need to perform the clean up right away and be at client’s location in less time.

Unlike most biohazard and crime scene cleaning companies, these vans feature advertising with removable magnets which are taken offer before arriving to remain discreet and protect the privacy of its clients.

The same goes for its seasoned crime scene, death or blood and bodily fluid cleanup crews, biohazard decontamination specialists and hoarding, foul odor, fecal matter or animal filth removal pros, who show up wearing t-shirts and hats not listing the services being provided.

They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so the client doesn’t have to wait and pair their commitment to discretion and privacy with a genuinely compassionate and respectful approach tailored to make it as easy and stress free as possible for the family.

The team at 11th Hour explains “we realize that attempting to clean the aftermath of an unexpected or tragic event can be devastating for those involved, and our mission is to ease that burden for them in what is already a stressful time.”

To consult with the team at 11th Hour and find out more about all the crime scene cleanup, biohazard decontamination or decluttering services they can offer around Midwest, clients can call or visit their website at the link provided above.

Your privacy is important to us. All of our vehicles and trailers are unmarked for your discretion,  and any vehicles that do contain logos and services are covered with magnets the same color as our vehicles before we arrive to your home or business.  No photos are ever used for our website or marketing materials, or distributed elsewhere. We make every reasonable effort to conceal our work from the public and never respond to media or personal inquiries on the work being performed.

State of the Art Cleanup Equipment

Each fleet is equipped with air scrubbers and purifiers, hot water extractors, air movers, steamers, foggers, ozone generators and chemicals specifically designed for each service we offer.   We stock multiple hazmat suits ranging from blood borne pathogen to chemical splash prevention.  11th Hour stocks a wide variety of personal protective equipment for any job type and weather condition. With our proprietary four step bio-cleaning system, we will leave your property clean and disinfected beyond hospital grade standards.

Over A Decade of Decontamination Experience

Many companies claim to have several years of biohazard experience when in fact they were actually in a public safety or medical field with no decontamination knowledge or hands-on training. Taking an online course for crime scene cleanup and blood borne pathogens does not make any company an “expert” in the field.  Some competitors even offer services they have never performed  or have maybe done once or twice, and realistically don’t know how to handle safely or properly. Don’t fall victim to becoming a training session for unqualified companies. Call the experienced team at 11th Hour.

Understanding & Non-Judgmental

Many people are discouraged from calling a cleaning company out of embarrassment or fear of what the employees would think of their current situation. Our only concerns are for your safety, your emotions, and your satisfaction with our work performed. After several years in this industry, there are few things we have not seen. From the hour we arrive, to the hour we leave you will realize our compassion is genuine.


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