WeWork, a global co-working company, is funding creative non-profit innovation through their #CreatorAwards Program

WeWork, a global co-working company, is funding creative non-profit innovation through their #CreatorAwards Program

WeWork, a global co-working company, is funding creative non-profit innovation through their #CreatorAwards Program

The Cancer Journeys Foundation has entered its ProstateTracker App into competition for a WeWork, Inc. #CreatorAward for innovative non-profit programs that solve critical problems.

April 07, 2018 ( datsyn.com) – WeWork, Inc., a global co-workspace company, has created a special program to fund the work of creative non-profit organizations developing and executing innovative programs that benefit communities around the world.

The Creator Awards are open to anyone with an idea and a plan. The application process is quick and easy and allows creators to include a 90-second video about their project and what drives their passion.

The Cancer Journeys Foundation has entered its ProstateTracker App program into the competition. ProstateTracker is an innovative tool that lets men use their annual PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test results to get a visual picture of their prostate cancer risk.

Prostate cancer is the number two killer of men in the United States, with almost 240,000 new cases each year, and almost 29,000 men losing their lives to the disease each year.

Prostate cancer is called a ‘silent killer’ because it generally shows no symptoms until it’s at an advanced stage when a cure is extremely difficult.

The ProstateTracker App makes prostate cancer visible by taking the PSA blood test data and plotting it on a graph. Once two numbers are in the system, the graph will show if the line is sloping upward. A rising PSA value doesn’t necessarily mean prostate cancer is present, but it should be checked with a doctor or medical professional.

Using ProstateTracker is super easy: 1) men create a free, anonymous account, 2) input their PSA blood test number, 3) look at the line on the graph. If the trend line is rising, they talk to their doctor. Test. Track. Treat. Easy!

The Cancer Journeys Foundation doesn’t provide medical advice but it does recommend that men begin testing for prostate cancer at age 35, which should allow men with an aggressive form of the disease to catch it at its earliest stage when it is most treatable.

ProstateTracker also works as a reminder system, sending users an email reminder 11 months after the previous test. Cancer Journeys Foundation president Robert Hess recommends that men and their significant others have their annual mammogram and PSA tests at the same time, mutually encouraging each other to “Just Do It” and get those tests.

“WeWork is doing a great service for the global community by creating these awards,” says Cancer Journeys Foundation president Robert Hess. “This is a challenging time for non-profit entrepreneurs and these awards will help launch and maintain innovative programs that will help many, many people.”

The Cancer Journeys Foundation provides a comprehensive digital information center for cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers. The Foundation is developing a nationwide network of walking programs to support America’s 13+ million cancer survivors in their journeys.

The Story of the Cancer Journeys Foundation (CJF) is about giving cancer survivors the tools they need to survive and to help their fellow Journeyers and those who are following behind. For the vast majority of cancer survivors and their caregivers, active support from their medical team stops at the end of their formal course of treatment. At that point, the cancer survivor is in a virtual no man’s lands.

One of the CJF’s founders, Robert Hess, is himself a cancer survivor. In 2006, Robert created the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCAP), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to reducing the annual prostate cancer death toll.  In 2010, the PCAP created ProstateTrackerApp.com, a free online prostate cancer early detection system.

Robert has been twice honored by the Los Angeles Times Business Journal Health Leadership awards for his prostate cancer advocacy and in 2015 was chosen as a National Cancer Champion by the Amgen Corporation’s Breakaway From Cancer program.

During his decade plus of cancer survivorship, research revealed that there is no structured post-treatment program for cancer survivors and their caregivers. In January of 2016, Robert created the Cancer Journeys Foundation, also a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity, with the mission of creating a central digital hub of survivorship information.  In August 2016, the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and the Cancer Journeys Foundation merged, with the Cancer Journeys Foundation as the surviving organization.


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