E-BON's 2018 Visit plan for their Oversea customers

E-BON’s 2018 Visit plan for their Oversea customers

E-BON’s 2018 Visit plan for their Oversea customers

ShenZhen E-BON Industrial Co.,Ltd is a Company which specializing in the development, design and manufacture of stainless steel products.

April 05, 2018 ( datsyn.com)China Stainless steel Barware factory main products are: all kinds of bar supplies, bathroom supplies, kitchen supplies, etc. After actively developing and accumulating, it has an independent brand “V-KING”,and it is loved by users at home and abroad.In order to respond company`s “going out plan”,E-BON plan to visit their US customers in May 2018.

This visit plan is scheduled for a week,the purpose of the visit is roughly divided into three.

Thanks their customers for years support and collect feedback from customers on E-BON`S products (OEM Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon).

Over the years, the U.S. market has always been a major export market for E-BON,Visits to old customers and collect product feedback not only can make the partnership more friendly, but can also help E-BON improve their products and expand the export capacity.

Inquire the customer`s preferences and Demand for order.

BON always contact with their customers on the internet before.Through this initiative visit,they can communicate with customers Face to face,and can Inquire the customer`s demand,It`s a very rare chance for E-BON`S further Development.

Exhibition and promote E-BON`S new bar products (Professional Black Boston Cocktail Shaker) and kitchen supplies.

This is the most important thing of E-BON`S visit.All of the new products have been publicized at home, and the effect is very obvious,So E-BON decided to show these products to foreign countries,hope to achieve a win-win situation through this visit.

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