Mosquito Net Hammock is Perfect for Hanging Out and Watching MLB Opening Games

Mosquito Net Hammock is Perfect for Hanging Out and Watching MLB Opening Games

Mosquito Net Hammock is Perfect for Hanging Out and Watching MLB Opening Games releases three facts about its release of the Mosquito Net Hammock launch.

April 01, 2018 ( – You can get into the swing of spring. Watch the Mosquito Net Hammock video here.

In 2018, MLB opening day, which was March 29 was the earliest opening day ever. Major League Baseball on Tuesday released its 2018 schedule, a slate that will feature the earliest Opening Day – Thursday, March 29 – in history.

With baseball season upon us, nearly everyone has spring fever and just can’t wait to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, you can’t always get to the game. Life does get in the way.

In an interview with Tony Jackson, the founder of, he thinks he has found the perfect solution.

“One of my greatest pass times is hanging out in the yard with the kids. Most people don’t want to be stuck inside on the couch. Hanging out in a hammock is a great solution but the problem has always been bugs. With spring, comes lots of bugs. So we looked around for a good solution. We found this durable, parachute style hammock that comes with a mosquito bug net that allows me to hang out in the yard, watch the game on the phone, but not have to deal with all of the pesky flys and other bugs.”

This hammock technology has been around for a few years, but the quality is getting better.

Tony is passionate about finding quality products at a great price, so when he went looking for a hammock, he said it had to fulfill at least three criteria.

1. It Has to Be Durable

Let’s face it, a lot of products these days just don’t hold up very long. Inferior materials and poor craftsmanship are problems we all face when purchasing products.

2. Lightweight and Portable

People today are on the go. You might want to use this hammock in your back yard, but you also may want it for the perfect camping or backpacking trip. For that, you have to have something that will not weigh you down. Because of the mosquito netting, this hammock is not the lightest hammock around, but is still very light and portable.

3. Big Enough for 2 Persons

One of the most requested features for hammocks is that they are big enough to support a couple of normal sized people. This hammock is a 2 person hammock and will hold up to 600 pounds.

The idea for sourcing a Mosquito Net Hammock came about simply because people love hanging out in hammocks but they hate the bugs. This hammock allows people to enjoy relaxing in the great outdoors but without worrying about pesky bugs and dangerous bug bites. got it’s start when Founder Tony Jackson noticed a growing need for quality gadgets and products from a company totally committed to a superior customer experience. This product was created in response to people who love hammocks but don’t want to be bothered by bugs.. With The founder has 5 years experience in developing products for outdoors and emergency situations.

As for customer service, Tony says “Everything we do is about providing value and top notch customer service is a world where people feel more and more disconnected with big corporate big box companies.

For more information about the company, you can visit them online at

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