Kuala Lumpur Custom Pool Design Company Hybrid Pools Announces 10 Year Warranty On Custom Pools

Kuala Lumpur Custom Pool Design Company Hybrid Pools Announces 10 Year Warranty On Custom Pools

Kuala Lumpur Custom Pool Design Company Hybrid Pools Announces 10 Year Warranty On Custom Pools

Kuala Lumpur swimming pool design & construction firm Hybrid Pools introduced a 10-year warranty on its custom pool builds. The Rawang city firm specializes in a concrete-meets-fiberglass technique, using a prefabricated wall and a reinforced concrete base for the construction of recreational and competition pools.

March 25, 2018 ( datsyn.com) – Kuala Lumpur swimming pool design & construction firm Hybrid Pools announced the launch of a special warranty on its custom designed pools. The 10-year warranty covers the overall build quality of standard and hybrid pool designs.

More information about Hybrid Pools is available at hybridpools.com.my

Since 1998, Hybrid Pools has been at the forefront of residential and commercial swimming pool construction in Malaysia. The firm has completed more than 800 projects working with homeowners, architects, engineers, builders, and developers to provide bespoke swimming pool design and fabrication services. The firm’s services also cover an engineering review and the obtainment of building permits and insurance coverage.

The company’s ‘Hybrid Pool’ build combines best practices from the installation of fiberglass pools and concrete structures. A hybrid build uses prefabricated modular wall panels installed over a high-strength concrete base. These wall panels fiber-reinforced from high-strength fibre-reinforced plastic with a finishing liner made from natural stone, epoxy paint, or other materials.

The company’s 8-step build process includes preparation and excavation followed by the laying of the pool foundation, concrete casting, steel rebar reinforcement, assembly, and finishing. All builds are followed by a rigorous quality control process that includes a test of the three-layer waterproofing, pressure testing, and a full design audit.

All Hybrid Pool builds use high-quality pumps, filtration systems, and accessories from leading international brands such as Pentair, Emaux Water Technology, Waterjet Australia, Hotspring, and Tylo Sauna & Steam.

Hybrid Pools designs and builds swimming pools for residences, apartments, hotels, clubhouses, educational institutions and provides swimming pool custom design & maintenance in Damansara. The firm is also a preferred builder of international competition pools. The company’s services are available across Malaysia and in Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives and Australia.

According to a spokesperson for the Malaysian residential swimming pool construction firm, “We are pleased to offer our customers an unrivaled 10-year warranty on our custom pool builds and represents our commitment to quality and service excellence.”

Headquartered in the city of Rawang, northeast of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Hybrid Pools is a standard and custom swimming pool construction company. The company is known for its ‘Hybrid Pool’ building technique and is licensed Grade 3 Building and Civil Engineering firm by the Construction Industry Development Board.

Hybrid Pools is a preferred swimming pool contractor and is a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) operating under the endorsement of the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF).

SCRC JAYA sdn bhd well known in Malaysia Swimming Pool’s industry as “Hybrid Pools” for has been operating since June 1988, Started as construction company and completed projects valued from RM25,000 up to RM3 million. SCRC JAYA sdn bhd are licensing company under Construction Industry Development Board (aka CIDB) with Grad 3 and in category B & CE, We are also a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) endorse by National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)

“We are not only knowing how to build, we know how to design and also how to manage a swimming pool, and the most importance part are to have great Art sense, We treat every swimming pool like a masterpiece for us“

Our team of highly skilled carpenters and loyal subcontractors uphold the same standards and principles, and take genuine pride in their work. Hybrid Pools (M) are the system develop from Australia technology with utilize the latest composite technology to create exciting modern swimming pools using prefabricated modular swimming pool wall panels, we can design and build any size of domestic or commercial swimming pools with a choice of finishes suited to your requirements.

Fast and easy to install, modular swimming pools are perfect for remote or roof top installations or island country which hardly to get high strength concrete. The modular components are designed and manufactured using the latest computer aided machinery for precision. We work with Architects, Engineers and Contractors to incorporate a modular swimming pools into almost any project.


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