Digital Video Marketing & Production Agency In Chula Vista Releases Revised Video Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business In 2018

Digital Video Marketing & Production Agency In Chula Vista Releases Revised Video Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business In 2018

There is a big opportunity to touch more consumers as statistics show more than 500 million hours of video are viewed on YouTube daily. The message is crystal clear business owners will benefit having a strategic video marketing plan.

January 05, 2018 ( – Chula Vista CA online digital video marketing expert, Ileana Kane CEO of Local Reputation Edge, announces updated online digital marketing trends for 2018. Turning the corner into the new year gives the small to medium businesses the same opportunities as big brand companies because online digital video marketing is accelerating at lightning speed. Also the investment has become more affordable for the smaller competitor.

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2017 proved that digital video has begun to dominate the online advertising landscape. With currently 94% of consumers watching an online video weekly, there is now more exposure online than television viewing. More and more successful business owners will continue to grow their revenues and profits using video advertising as part of their marketing strategy. Statistics currently show that online video has become affordable to all business entrepreneurs.

The number of consumers buying online direct will skyrocket in 2018 surpassing the number achieved in 2017 by all estimates. This fact will provide small to medium businesses the opportunity to take part of this increased growth. All business owners are fortunate that Fortune 500 companies have conditioned hundreds of millions of people to buy directly online. These are same people that are buying products and services from smaller businesses and have been conditioned to trust and buy from companies who consistently use video marketing.

For the medium and smaller business person that use video marketing as part of their overall online strategy they have become favored in the same way as the Fortune 500 companies who use video marketing.

With technology advancing at lightning speed, the look and feel of digital videos are of superior quality, besides most people online prefer watching rather than reading about a product or service. The technology continues to rise while the investment becomes more and more affordable to all businesses. The best part is the quality is equal to that produced by the bigger companies.

Video engages the consumer and can set any company apart from their competitors. Digital video is a great medium in which to tell any company story. The videos will help companies have a ‘face’ that customers can easily recognize and come to trust. Using technology for video creation and distribution, any business can continue to easily compete in the marketplace now and in the future.

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