Launches, on a mission to connect patients with the right chiropractor care Launches, on a mission to connect patients with the right chiropractor care

A significant blow in the war on back pain has been landed with the launch of, a website dedicated to bringing together chronic pain sufferers and the trained professionals who can help them.

December 10, 2017 ( – If you’ve been suffering with scoliosis, battling with back pain, or have had headaches from hell then your days of discomfort could be at an end, according to the people behind the site.

Finding the right chiropractor has, up until now, been a maddening case of trial and error, with more than a few patients simply deciding to control their discomfort with strong, harsh painkillers that cause their own problems. With, the patient simply has to search their area and find the names and practices of their nearest chiropractors. With the handy review function, you can see at a glance the difference these professionals have made to people who have been suffering like you.

CIMA is not just a service for listing the best chiropractors near you, however. The site is a full-blown resource for people who may need chiropractic treatment, offering them a range of pointers which will help them identify the source of their issues, and recommended questions which they should ask of any chiropractor they make contact with. By knowing the right questions to ask, and the correct information to give to their specialists, patients can get more effective, drug-free, non-invasive treatment than ever before.

The people behind are confident that their service can be to the benefit of patients with asthma, migraines, joint pain or any of a long list of other issues. Conditions which many patients had resigned themselves to living with can now be effectively managed and treatment plans agreed, bringing back the joy to the millions of lives which have been impacted by chronic pain and discomfort.

For the professionals themselves, is a godsend too, giving them the chance to expand their customer base without having to pay for expensive marketing campaigns. Nothing spreads quicker than word of mouth, and in getting the word out there about the best chiropractors in the country, CIMA will give professionals and patients alike the chance to make direct contact with one another and arrange treatment promptly. has one simple aim: To free millions of Americans from the aches and pains that blight their everyday lives. It’s a mission they are well on the way to achieving.

The service is in its infancy at the present time, but is building up its ranks and the list of names signed up to grows by the day. Eager patients are encouraged to give them a call to find out more. representative Holly Hatten will be on hand to answer any questions you may call us. You can also email Holly or contact her by post for more details. promises to revolutionize the field of chiropractic care and ensure that the days of patients suffering long-term conditions without access to specialized treatment are in the past.


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