Choice Pressure Washing Facility Service Expands Commercial Service In Las Vegas

Choice Pressure Washing Facility Service Expands Commercial Service In Las Vegas

Las Vegas pressure washing firm Choice Pressure Washing and Facility Services announced the expansion of its commercial services to include large-area cleaning for parking lots, driveways, condominiums, and rooftops. The firm’s service portfolio includes cleaning, pest control, and janitorial services for offices and apartments.

December 04, 2017 ( – Las Vegas pressure washing & janitorial firm Choice Pressure Washing and Facility Services announced the expansion of its large-area commercial cleaning services. The firm’s new service is designed to rapidly clean parking lots, rooftops, driveways, and other indoor and outdoor areas.

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The appearance and cleanliness of a commercial property are one of the most significant factors that affect a customer’s purchasing decision and consequently, revenue. Large-area pressure washing is a critical step towards ensuring the cleanliness of commercial buildings and concrete surfaces such as sidewalks, parking lots, dumpster areas, flatwork, offices, and driveways.

Choice Pressure Washing and Facility Services specialize in two functional areas: pressure washing and janitorial services with punctuality, professionalism, and courteousness as key service differentiators. The company’s janitorial services include pantry, kitchen, and dining area cleaning, carpet, wall and window cleaning, trash disposal, and general infrastructure sanitization.

According to a spokesperson for the Las Vegas janitorial firm, “The expansion of our commercial large area cleaning services is a testament to the expertise and experience of our qualified and experienced team of cleaning professionals. Our goal is to ensure that Las Vegas businesses enjoy professionally cleaned surfaces from the driveway to the dumpster area.”

Choice Pressure Washing and Facility Services also provide affordable and effective pigeon abatement services using non-lethal methods. Commercial customers are entitled to loyalty discounts and seasonal deals. The firm extends its loyalty program to some of the city’s largest businesses and facilities including Ceasar’s Palace, The Venetian, Costco, Walmart, and several government departments.

Headquartered in the City of Lights, Choice Pressure Washing and Facility Services is headed by founders Rob Essary and Roger D’Angelo, service professionals with a combined experience of more than 35 years and expertise in the design of pressure washing systems, plumbing, pest control, and painting. More information is available by phone and at the URL above.

What do Taco Bell, The Sands, Dairy Queen, Caesars Palace, Costco and many other smart Las Vegas-based businesses have in common? Choice Pressure Washing & Janitorial!

Co-founders Rob Essary and Roger D’Angelo launched Choice in 2014 to help business owners of every size get the first-class property maintenance they desire. “Our customers want absolute peace of mind,” Roger explained. “They want their properties to be clean and look beautiful, which is critical for attracting clients and customers, as well as keeping employees happy. That’s why they come back to us again and again. They know we’re committed to making their properties shine.”

Rob and Roger bring lengthy expertise to Choice. Rob was a plumber for 25 years, has a bachelors and associates degree in engineering, and has been engineering and designing pressure washers for 10 years. Likewise, Roger was a professional pest control technician for five years, a professional painter for five years, and is the company’s director of operations.

Along with special loyalty, holiday and bundling discounts, their commercial customers enjoy a wide array of interior and exterior maintenance services including janitorial services, pressure washing and pigeon abatement.


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