Parnell Gervais' Thorough Consulting Marketing Firm Going Strong

Parnell Gervais’ Thorough Consulting Marketing Firm Going Strong

With intent to provide exemplary means of advertisement by ways of authentic placement for the clients’ targeted demographic.

November 29, 2017 ( – Parnell Gervais, CEO of Thorough Consulting, has a proven track record of delivering results through a combination of formulating a client specific, marketing mix analysis and using successful media relationships.

Thorough Consulting has catapulted companies and entities alike to reach a global market in an organic way. Using platforms such as (but not limited to), blogs, social media marketing, interviews, email blasts, radio spins and label meetings.  

Parnell has managed to create a system for his company that increases not only the clients’ market reach but also their market rank thus improving visibility to the steadily expanding consumer.


Source: PR