Start Your Portable Restroom Business With This Outdoor Event Construction Site Restroom Company

Start Your Portable Restroom Business With This Outdoor Event Construction Site Restroom Company

Portable toilet specialists Satellite Industries have relaunched their site to showcase their services and products. The company can help clients worldwide to set up and establish portable restroom services.

November 25, 2017 ( – Satellite Industries, the Minneapolis based provider of portable sanitation products, has relaunched its site to better showcase its products and services, which include portable toilets, restroom trailers, vacuum trucks, hand wash stations and deodorizers and cleaners.

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The site explains that the portable toilet and restroom industry has boomed worldwide in recent years because of the economic benefits on-site portable toilets and restrooms provide to construction sites, special events and industrial applications, such as refineries and oil fields, to improve productivity.

In addition to this, event organizers providing portable restrooms gain increased sales due to the added time that guests spend at their events. Other benefits include protecting public health and the environment.

Satellite Industries has been a long-term partner to portable restroom operators (PRO’s) by offering ‘best practice’ training on how to build a profitable portable restroom company. The company was in the portable toilet rental business up until 1978, with branches in nine states and renting 20,000+ portable toilets. After becoming strictly a manufacturer and distributor, it has used its experience and expertise to equip and train customers in 115 countries around the world to become leaders in the industry. Portable sanitation is a profitable business, and Satellite can assist those interested in starting up in the industry.

The company provides 13 standard, specialty and wheelchair accessible restrooms, which are available in a wide range of colors and options. This allows them to compliment any company image, and ensure they can be tailored to the brand of any business. Operators are experiencing additional growth in sales and profits by offering Satellite Suites restroom trailers. Trailer rentals are a growing trend in portable sanitation and with sizes ranging from 2-12 stations, their trailers are gaining popularity in entertainment, construction and industrial markets.

A global network of Area Managers provide local support for all clients working with Satellite Industries. Area Managers have prior experience as owners or managers of large portable sanitation companies and their knowledge of the industry and day-to-day operations is critical to providing customers with “best practice” suggestions and ideas.

Full details of the benefits of working with Satellite Industries can be found on the URL above, and interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided.

Satellite Industries is the world’s largest supplier of products to the portable restroom industry. which include restrooms, mobile trailers, trucks and deodorizers. Brands include TruckXpress, VacuumXpress, Safe-T-Fresh and Satellite Suites. Satellite is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota and its European headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium.

Satellite offers 12 models of portable restrooms ranging from standard to wheelchair accessible and various specialty models. Restrooms are available in flushing and non-flushing. The company also offers a variety of restrooms designed specifically for markets in Asian and the Middle East.

TruckXpress builds vacuum trucks for the restroom industry ranging in size from 300-gallon slide-in modules to 2,150 gallon tanks placed on a variety of chassis, including Ford, Dodge, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth and Hino. Tanks are available in aluminum, stainless and mild steel. For the septic industry, VacuumXpress supplies tanks ranging from 2,500 to 7,000 gallons. For more information please visit Satellite TruckXpress or Satellite VacuumXpress.

Safe-T-Fresh manufactures a full line of deodorizers and cleaners for use in the portable sanitation industry. Products include liquid and packet deodorizers, fragrance boosters and industrial cleaners. Safe-T-Fresh also offers the industry’s first and most comprehensive customer loyalty program, ROI Rewards. For more information visit Safe-T-Fresh.

Satellite Suites manufactures mobile restroom, shower and ADA trailers. Restroom trailers range in size from 10’, 2 station to 28’, 12 station models. Shower and ADA come in a variety of sizes and configurations. For more information visit Satellite Suites.

A central distribution center is in Bristol, Indiana, which also serves as the manufacturing facility for Satellite Suites. For more information, please call.


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