Started Providing Real-Time Updates on Bitcoin Gold Blockchain Transactions, Blocks and Addresses Started Providing Real-Time Updates on Bitcoin Gold Blockchain Transactions, Blocks and Addresses, an online portal meant for serious Bitcoin gold viewers, recently started providing real time updates on Bitcoin gold transactions, blocks and addresses on the Bitcoin gold blockchain.

November 15, 2017 ( – USA – Bitcoin Gold Explorer or, an e-portal that was set up to help Bitcoin gold miners around the world to take the right decisions, recently extended its scope of services to provide real-time updates to their subscribers and patrons. From now on, the subscribers to the online portal can view and analyze each and every transaction on the blockchain. On the other hand, they will also be able to keep tabs on the blocks and addresses.

“Our subscribers can now see exactly where the Bitcoin gold was originated as rewards for mining and placing valid blocks into the blockchain, and where the Bitcoin gold has traveled through the addresses we have indexed on our portal”, said one of the co-administrators of Bitcoin Gold Web Explorer . “It is important to trace every Bitcoin gold through the transactions over the lifespan of the respective blockchain. This way, subscribers can get a good understanding of distribution and composition of the mined Bitcoin gold over the current addresses”, he added.

BTG Explorer , the online portal has now started displaying Bitcoin gold wealth distribution across the Blockchain through data visualization. The difficulty and distinction are also now discussed in detail on the portal.

“Owing to the nature of anonymous and easy address creation, and account management being integral to Bitcoin gold and every entity in the ecosystem, getting an estimation of the real number of unique Bitcoin gold holders is quite difficult. This is not something miners can understand by looking at the blockchain. Subscribers can enter block hash, block height, address or tx hash to run a search”, said the founder of BTG Explorer Web

“There are many Bitcoin gold are stuck in respective addresses and this makes analysis quite difficult. The distribution of Bitcoin gold wealth among individual owners is far more complex than the Blockchain itself. Therefore, it’s important for the miners to map the distribution and composition of wealth among different addresses. Since we update our portal every day, our subscribers can easily analyze the Bitcoin gold wealth distribution. Also, addresses and blocks are now indexed on the portal so that our new and old subscribers can know the BTG blockchain trends”, said the founder during a recent press conference. is a Bitcoin gold explorer and an online portal.

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