Get The Best Telluride Oxygen Therapy Supplies Respironics Free Delivery Rental Services

Get The Best Telluride Oxygen Therapy Supplies Respironics Free Delivery Rental Services

Telluride oxygen rental company Oxygen Delivers announced an updated range of supplies for tourists and residents in Telluride and the surrounding area. The company provides home concentrators, portable respirators, oxygen bottles and other supplies.

November 11, 2017 ( – Oxygen Delivers, a Telluride company specializing in oxygen supplies, announced updated rental services for residents and tourists looking for extra oxygen for altitude sickness relief, faster recovery from a night out, or recreation. The company provides oxygen concentrators, portable cylinders, oxygen bottles and other supplies.

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Supplementary oxygen intake – also known as oxygen therapy – is known to be effective in treating the symptoms of altitude sickness, managing asthma and pneumonia, as well as increasing relaxation and improving physical endurance.

Tourists visiting Telluride are often at risk of experiencing altitude sickness symptoms, the town being located at an elevation of 8,750 feet.

Oxygen Delivers has years of experience providing high-quality oxygen supplies to Telluride residents and tourists, as well as clients in other areas.

The company has recently announced an update of is equipment, renting cutting-edge concentrators, portable cylinders, oxygen bottles and various other supplies.

Clients can opt for the popular home oxygen concentrator. This bestselling equipment is ideal for couples looking to benefit from accessible oxygen therapy from the comfort of their homes or accommodations. Each unit comes with up to three nasal cannulas.

Oxygen concentrators are ideal for anyone looking for 24/7 oxygen supply, since they use ambient air to concentrate oxygen supplies, rather than delivering oxygen from separate sources.

For individuals looking for portable oxygen supplies, Oxygen Delivers provides portable cylinders ensuring six to eight hours of continuous use. These solutions are ideal for day hikes or long golf courses.

The larger Respironics Evergo is also available, offering an autonomy of approximately 8 to 10 hours, and being FDA approved for air travel.

Finally, clients can also purchase individual oxygen bottles.

All supplies are rented on a daily or weekly basis, the company providing free delivery on weekly rentals.

Interested parties can find more information on Oxygen Delivers products and services by visiting the above-mentioned website.

Oxygen Delivers was started by Erich and Rachel Helbling. Seeing so many people suffer from altitude issues in our area, we decided to provide services and products designed to help alleviate these symptoms. Erich is Colorado Native who has spent 20+ years in the high mountains of Telluride, Colorado. Rachel was born in Quito, Ecuador however, her roots in Telluride go back to 1914 when her Grandfather was born the son of a miner.

Erich and Rachel share a passion in alleviating symptoms from high altitude so that people can enjoy a high country Colorado experience.


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