Top 3 Swiss Watches For Men In India

Top 3 Swiss Watches For Men In India

The term “Swiss Made” isn’t simply another relic label for an area of origin, however a lot of significantly a seal of approval and a mark of quality recognised worldwide.

November 09, 2017 ( – Today, over 1/2 the full of all luxury watches are from Suisse. In terms of their accomplishment, generally it’s simply a refined distinction that distinguishes this cluster of watch makers from each other.

Here 3 high swiss watches men are highlighted to pick out from:


The Omega Speedmaster skilled isn’t simply the primary watch on the Moon, however conjointly the foremost tested watch in history altogether. In terms of style, its watches form the definition of the trendy sporty-elegant gentlemen’s measuring device. Hardly the other producer has been as media savvy as Omega or has legendary the way to lure and becharm the eyes of each specialists and therefore the public alike within the past years. Today, the name of its collections doesn’t seem to be any less illustrious than those from Rolex.

The Speedmaster, Seamaster, the Diamond State Ville and its sub-collections Planet Ocean and blueness Terra all belong to its intensive portfolio.

Tag Heuer

At 992 metres on top of water level, the town of l. a. Chaux-de-Fonds is that the headquarters of TAG Heuer. whereas this producer feels right reception within the elegant watch genre, its core ability remains within the discipline of sport timer production. Its Monaco, Carrera, and Autavia ar real watch classics and belong to the foremost asked for timer models among vintage fans.

TAG Heuer with pride presents itself as associate degree pioneer and trailblazer with a keen eye on the long run with the launch of a tourbillon model for a value simply to a small degree over twelve,000.- GBP and joined of the primary luxury watch makers that brought out a Smartwatch on the market.


There are some watch brand in the global market that immediately creates an awe and respect amongst the classy buyers. The name of Rado – is one of those names. Rado is known for the watches that it can excel the global market in terms of their unique designs, class each watch reflects.

A Rado watch is profoundly countered to be one of the most stylish and sophisticated accessories that could be used for a style enhancer for both men and women. A Rado watches basically denotes a class by itself and radiates an undaunted and undeniable superiority among all. From a humble beginning in 1917, Rado watches have come a long way to become one of the most popular brands for luxury timepieces. Attractively designed and crafted with cutting-edge technology, these watches are bound to make you mesmerized with its awe.

The Prime, largest watch retailing brand in India has more than 25 years of experience in watch retailing. It deals with watch brands like Omega, Tissot, TAG Heuer, Longines and much more. They give special attention to Omega watches due to their worldwide reputation, and also has the maximum stocks of these watches in the country.

The brand has its showrooms situated in cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and Jaipur. The wearers are always eager to buy watches from their stores due to their innovative outlays and also because of their unimaginable offers on every purchase. The last thing that needs to be mentioned is their after-sales service. They beautifully handle this part so that the buyers do not get any difficulty.


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