Clazzio Direct has the Largest Selection of Seat Covers for Any Car, Make or Model

Clazzio Direct has the Largest Selection of Seat Covers for Any Car, Make or Model

Premium Quality Leather Seat Covers with Custom-Fit Tailoring

November 08, 2017 ( – Los Angeles, California – Clazzio Direct ( is pleased to offer premium quality leather seat covers for all types of car makes and models from the year 1992 to present. The specialty of Clazzio seat covers is that they are custom made. The upholstery replacement system needs a special mention here. They easily slide over the existing seat without the need for removing the existing covers. Once they are replaced no one would be able to notice any difference. Clazzio covers are perfect for those who want to upgrade their seats, protect their existing seats or completely want to change their old seats.

All the covers are made up of 100% genuine leather and the company is known for using only the finest fabrics in the industry. There is no need to spend a fortune on leather seat covers and wait days to get the covers installed. The leather kits purchased here are not only high quality leather seats, but are half the cost of other major seat cover brands. Also, they are extremely easy to install in two or three hours. Car owners can simply install the covers with the help of the detailed instruction manual. Clazzio always includes a 3 year warranty on all the leather covers.

The company also offers customized seat covers depending upon the customer’s choice of color, fabric, pattern and so on. Seat covers are highly prone to wear and tear over a period of time if they are not replaced. This causes the interior to look extremely weary and murky. That is why it is important to protect the original seating of the cars with the help of superficial upholstery. Apart from protecting the original seating, they are also easy to clean and maintain. Since they are leather made, these seat covers will offer both style and comfort. So, for those who are looking at replacing or getting new seat covers, there is no better place to be than Clazzio Direct, a store for premium leather seat covers.

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Clazzio Direct, based in Los Angeles, California is a manufacturer and suppliers of premium leather car seat covers in Los Angeles, California.


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