Discover LGBT Scriptural Bible Analysis God Is Gay Issue Research With This New Book

Discover LGBT Scriptural Bible Analysis God Is Gay Issue Research With This New Book

A new scriptural analysis on the bible has been launched, called ‘God is Gay’. It sets out to challenge the idea that Christians are homophobic and restore faith in the church.

November 07, 2017 ( – Goodfriend Publishing, the New York publishing house, has launched a new book called ‘God is Gay’, which offers scriptural analysis on the issue of homosexuality and religion. It showcases how the Holy Bible does not segregate gay men or women from the church, and sets out to empower Christians and build faith in the religion that welcomes all.

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The site explains that ‘God is Gay’ is the straight Christian’s guide to the gay issue, analytically looking at the words of faith and investigating them to reveal meaning. It is written by a heterosexual, and sweats out to prove a number of different points about God, homosexuality and how the Christian faith deals with it.

‘God is Gay’ was written after careful study of numerous editions of the bible from 1599 to the present day. One of the key points it makes is that older editions of the text from before 1995 don’t mention the word homosexual, while many of the newer versions after this date do. This points to the fact that the insertion of the word homosexual is a human interpretation and not a faithful one.

It is a unique book that provides what the bible truly says about homosexuality in a way that is clear and understandable to everyone. The Amazon page listing explains that ‘God is Gay’ shows the reader what God says one the gay issue in the bible. Once the reader sees for himself what is hidden in plain site, they won’t be able to return to their prior state of unseeing.

The book was written as a way to change the stigma created by people within the media where there are often homophobic views. In reality, most Christians don’t perceive being gay as a sin, and the idea that Christianity is homophonic is unfairly hurting the church.

Full details about the book can be found on the URL above, where readers can find out more on the Amazon page listing.

God Is Gay is the Straight Christian’s Guide to the Gay Issue. Get it now and learn what the Bible actually says about Christianity and homosexuality.


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