Get Backing For Real Estate Property Developer Projects With This Expert Guide From Katie Coates

Get Backing For Real Estate Property Developer Projects With This Expert Guide From Katie Coates

A new book for real estate developers wanting a “yes” vote has been launched by expert Katie Coates. It helps provide advice and guidance on how to get backing for quality projects.

November 06, 2017 ( – Katie Coates, consultant and author, has launched a new book called “Yes Vote Public Hearing Plan for Developers.” It was written to help guide developers and showcase the best ways to win support when they want to develop property and plans, getting support at public hearings.

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The site explains that “Yes Vote Public Hearing Plan for Developers” is the definitive book for developers preparing to present their projects at public hearings around the country. It is ideal for real estate developers seeking regulatory approval for their projects.

Katie Coates has designed a system for helping her developer clients to get approval at public hearings, as they work through the entitlement process. She has obtained ‘yes’ votes for her clients at dozens of city council meetings, planning commissions, and regional and state public hearings.

Clients working with Katie will be able to get expert guidance for their project needs. She can help them to cut through the opposition noise, get the ear of influential backers, and give decision makers the confidence to get grant developer approval.

The topics covered in the book are responsible for giving Katie’s developer clients the help they need for gaining approval at their meetings. Katie works hard to give developers with quality projects a fighting chance to get a ‘yes’ vote so they can build the developments that transform villages, towns and cities into communities.

Interested parties who want to go beyond the book and find out how their projects can benefit from a public hearing plan can get in touch with Katie. She provides tailored, unique strategy sessions with developers.

These can help developers to plan for their hearing by correcting misinformation, and finding supporters even in a hostile environment. They can also help people to formulate a plan so that they have a greater sense of control over their project’s destiny.

Katie presents keynotes and breakout sessions at real estate developer industry events. More information can be found on the URL above and interested parties can get in touch by phone.

Helping you, the real estate developer, get approval at your public hearing so you can build your project.


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